Reviewed by Surgeon

Developer: R Tape
Genre: Gravity Maze
Platform: Spectrum 48K
Language: ASM

bitsetgogame.tap (Spectrum 48K Tape Image)

Well I asked for flashing attributes and R Tape's loader for "PIXBIT and the maze of deadly monsters" certainly doesn't disappoint - what a beauty!

The first thing that strikes me about this game is that there don't appear to be any monsters, deadly or otherwise, in it? Please let me know if you spot any.

PIXBIT also features the triumphant return of Cursor, from TV's Automan, in his first role since the show was cancelled in 1984 - it's great to see him looking so trim and back on our screens after that incident on Jerry Springer back in 1992!

Level 1

This deceptively simple game sees you attempting to navigate 7 increasingly complex mazes. You begin at the top of each screen and begin falling immediately. Using Q, A, O and P you can manoeuvre in 2 dimensions, however, while you can temporarily push against it (by pressing Q) you can never overcome the gravity of the situation (B'dum 'tsh - I'll be here all week.)

Navigate your way to the bottom of the screen and it's on to the next level. Hit ANY wall, however, and it's game over - no lives or other such luxuries - just right back to the beginning to start all over again!

Level one eases us into the game mechanic gently - a single horizontal section in which we must travel right whilst teasing the 'Q' button to keep us from hitting the ground - if we over-do the 'Up' then we'll smash into the ceiling so carefully does it!

Level 2

Level two introduces a bit of multidirectional corridor action and it's here that you start to sweat a bit. You may also find a few words of frustration escaping quietly under your breath, for example; "Oh come on" and "Damn."

Each subsequent level sees the number of twists and turns that you need to navigate increase. It also sees the number of words of frustration escalate in both severity and volume! I've certainly been as far as "FFS" and "Kiss my a***!"

Level 3

Of course I say 'each subsequent level,' however, this is all very much conjecture! Thus far I just can get past level three!

If you squint (or zoom) you may be able make out, in this screenshot, that I've made it all the way around to the final descent before crashing on the last corner. This was the one and only time I've ever made it over the first hump and so you can imagine how annoyed I was!

Sneak Preview

Unfortunately, as R Tape has cleverly programmed this in ASM, I can't simply hack the BASIC to make it easier on myself.

Luckily, thanks to my crack team of HEX robots and their sophisticated ASM sniffing tools, I can now reveal* what awaits players of superior skill on levels four through seven.

* Possibly

In summary this is definitely one of those addictive "just one more go" type games and, although beautifully presented in a minimalistic style, cannot be recommended to any players with blood pressure or anger management issues.

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