Reviewed by Frosty

Developer: MatGubbins
Genre: Hat Chaser
Platform: Spectrum 48K
Language: BASIC

Dillon.tap (Spectrum 48K Tape Image)dillon2.tap (Spectrum 48K Tape Image (v2 - with flapping arms!))Dillon(MykeUDG).tap (Spectrum 48K Tape Image (with Myke's UDGs))

Less than 24 hours after the announcement of the WGITW: Restoration Challenge and MatGubbins has got straight in with this interpretation of Dillon's Cap Caper.

Sinclair User's original synopsis - which I can only assume was written by Tony Dillon himself - was;

"Our lovable, cute, masculine, muscly, handsome and extremely popular contributor's hat has blown off in the wind (Phwurr). Guide Dillon around the screen, laughing with joy as he flaps his arms around like a demented scarecrow when he walks." ...

"Gasp at the masculine form of the Dildoid himself!"

The chase is on

Based only on that description, and possibly what we think is a remake by the original author, MatG has spent (a few) hours creating new UDGs, a colourtastic title screen (above) and - most unexpectedly - a (moderately) playable game!

Upon starting the game a brief pause if felt while four whole UDGs are read in from DATA statements before the screen is randomly littered with turds, Dillon appears and the titular headwear begins blowing randomly in the wind.


In a heartbeat you instinctively head off after it using the 8-directional keys provided. Maybe it's just my laptop keyboard, but I found these particularly uncomfortable to use. Well done MatG!

Seconds later, however, and the cap lands in a pile of steaming crud - "Humiliation" reads the onscreen message and it looks like it's Game Over already!?

I start the game again and don't realise that the pooch presents have all moved - I run straight into one and the onscreen message is not something I can repeat in front of the kids.


One last go and I soon realise that the collision detection is a bit iffy as the cap manages to evade my grasp a couple of times. Inevitably, however, victory is mine.

"Hopefully I've captured the feel of the game" says MatG and, I have to say, from what we have to go on I reckon he's done splendidly!

My only gripe with this recreation is that the main character UDG doesn't flap his arms like a demented scarecrow, as originally described by SU.

Version 2.0

Quick as anything MatGubbins has emailed over a second version of the game that has a spiffy new title screen and, more importantly, Dillon now flaps his arms (like a demented scarecrow.)

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