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Reviewer: Frosty
Developer: leespoons
Genre: Nerve Tester
Platform: Spectrum 48K
Language: BASIC


Filetype Download Link Description
TZX ALMCSSCGCS.tzx Spectrum 48K Tape Image
The Last Minute

leespoons last entry was Advanced London Marathon Simulator Challenge - one of the few topical entries I managed to review while the subject matter was still relevant and, in which, I had to re-score the review after managing to completely miss one of the best pieces of BEEPER abuse in the competition.

My inattention to detail must have upset him as we've not spoken a word since and, apparently, he's been away plotting this slow-boiling digital revenge*.

In fact, so lean and finely tuned is this attack, that he couldn't even stick a CLS in at the start of the code!

50 Cool Points

In a life, imitating art, imitating life sort of manner, the 'game' takes place on New Year's Eve at 11:59pm - with only 60 seconds to go until the CSSCGC 2014 deadline.

You play the part of a Crap Games Programmer who is, for some unexplained reason, out to submit his entry at the very last possible moment.

The clock counts down and, with one finger poised over the 'Send' button, our hero nervously waits. 59. 58. 57. He nervously checks the date and .tap filesize, as well as the content of his witty covering email. 31. 30. 29...

You're Too Late!

Not long now... 16. 15. 14... Beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead.

11. 10... OH (Sugar - Ed)!! He accidentally hits the button prematurely, the entry is submitted with 10 seconds to go and potential Cool Points are simply thrown away.

In an alternate reality version of events, however, our hero gets greedy and - in an attempt to garner all the points available - fails to submit the entry in time and ends up having to wait for CSSCGC 2015! (Gasp - Ed)


This is as polished as a text-only entry with a couple of INKEY$ checks gets, however, just to prove he isn't completely incompetent Mr Spoons has left in a rather nice PRINT bug - the final 9 seconds of countdown are left with a trailing 0, i.e.: 90, 80, 70 etc.

While I managed to hit the in-game button dead on 00 seconds, achieving a full 60 Cool Points, in reality leespoon's entry arrived in my INBOX at 11:58pm on the New Year's Eve - a whole 2 minutes before the deadline thus scoring 0.

Better luck next time, Lee!

* Naturally I've held this back for a few days so that its sharp, topically satirical nature, is suitably depreciated.


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