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Reviewer: LiBruce
Developer: Andrew Green
Genre: Scientific Study
Platform: Spectrum 48K
Language: BASIC


Filetype Download Link Description
TAP Sleep.TAP Spectrum 48K Tape Image
TAP Sleep(cracked).TAP Spectrum 48K Tape Image (L33t H4xx0r v3rs!0n)

The CSSCGC is a funny beast to judge; The difference between a great crap game and a rubbish crap game can be anything from the effort put in by the developer to the inspired genius behind a great idea (executed poorly) or a flimsy idea (executed well.)

The latest entry from Andrew Green; "Good Nights Sleep Simulator" falls neatly into the category of 'great idea - little or no effort demonstrated' which, in my book, makes it a great crap game.

In Andrew's own words; "The idea (of GNSS) is very simple. Press a key to fall asleep. If you let go of the key, you wake up. Can you last until 8am the following morning?"

Hold it steady!

So it's 10:00pm, you hold down the any key, and a simple but effective yellow text on black background clock is displayed counting up each second that passes.

I'm suddenly reminded of Jack Bauer's exploits in TV's 24, which is apt, as this game takes place in (more or less) real time - a first for the CSSCGC!

If you're expecting car chases, pensive looks to the camera and thrilling anti-terrorism storytelling, however, you'll be disappointed - it's just the yellow clock.


On my first attempt I held my nerve (and the 'K' key) for an astounding 27 seconds before curiosity (and a touch of cramp) kicked in. Later I managed as much as a few minutes, however, this is one of those games where you've either got the skills or you haven't - and I haven't.

High Score Challenge

In an attempt to complete the challenge, and simultaneously up the realism factor, I decided to 'hold' my key down overnight by placing a carefully balanced coin and hardback book on top of the keyboard - and then turned my monitor off went to bed.

Unfortunately, as you can see, at some point in the night the plan came unstuck and this is what I found in the morning. Disappointing, however, the High Score Challenge now starts at 5h21m23s.

This entry uses a funny custom loader which fills the screen with garbage (the BASIC program, I think) in leiu of what I disappointedly thought was going to be a loading screen (and some points for graphics.) I guess this is designed to protect Andrew's highly advanced coding IP, however, as you can see from the second download this didn't stop the pirates for long!

Despite this, however, my crack team of industry spies inform me that Andrew is currently working on a commercial sequel of sorts; "Advanced Good Nights Sleep Simulator" in which you're continually woken by random events including; 'needing a wee,' 'kids having a bad dream' and 'car alarm going off in the street.'

Apparently there's also a Hot Coffee-style dream sequence involving 'Tricia from work' to look forward to - absolutely groundbreaking stuff!


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