Reviewed by Mosquito

Developer: Andrew Green
Genre: Squirt-em-up
Platform: Spectrum 48K
Language: BASIC

Harry the Baby Saves the World With His Amazing Water Pistol.Z80 (Spectrum 48K Snapshot)
50th Entry What's it all about?

All Sinclair User had to say about the original game on which this entry is (loosely) based, back in 1988, was "... won the prize for the longest title for James Price of Consett" and "We loved the killer ducks."

It's not a great deal to go on - although that's true for most of the games in the WGitW Restoration Challenge - but, while the titular baby or the (amazing) water pistol would be more impressive, I still take my hat off to Andrew Green for neglecting to include a single killer duck!

Go Harry!

Not only that but even more bonus points for the clever scrolly title, a redefine keys option and putting in the time and effort to come up with an absurd back story. What on Earth was Andrew thinking!?

Onto the game proper and you control Harry the (massive purple-headed - Ed) baby as he lurches from left-to-right at the bottom of the screen.

At the same time strange 'blob-like aliens' sort-of gloop down from the top and the object is to shoot them before they get to you!

That's a bad miss!

There isn't much of a challenge at first as you naturally position yourself beneath the most elongated slime-trail and take aim. Eventually, however, you'll find yourself with a couple that have made it to the middle of the screen and having to make a split decision as to which one to go for first.

Baby Harry has also managed to fill his (amazing) water pistol with some kind of nasty gunk, which moves up the screen at a snail's pace, making for some fairly tedious waiting in-between shots.

Epic Fail

Andrew's scoring system (highly accurate to one decimal place!) is simply based on how long you can go without dying - in fact I've had a look at the BASIC and there's no "Congratulations" screen whatsoever - sorry Harry!

Inevitably then, whether through poor gamesmanship, bad luck, curiosity or even falling asleep, one of the 'blob-like aliens' will make it to the bottom of the screen and end the game.

Absolutely dreary stuff - well done AG!

The high score challenge starts at 841.9.

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