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Stay out of trouble!

We all know the first four directives*, however, were you aware of these extra ones buried deep within Robo's memory banks? (Now that is tenuous - Ed)

All competition entries must be crap

Last year saw some entries that bordered on playable and/or showed competent programming skill. I have spoken to the offenders and now understand these instances to have been accidental, however, watch yourself people - we don't want any more freak occurences resulting in the next Tetris™ or similar!

Entries must be designed for a Sinclair computer

Traditionally this meant the ZX80/81 and ZX Spectrum (16/48/128K etc) or international clones, however, previous years have also seen the occasional entry for machines such as the Sinclair QL, Cambridge Z88, Jupiter Ace and Sam Coupé. If you decide to develop your entry for something a bit 'left of middle' then please let me know what emulator I'll need to run it on.

[Update] I'm adding modern Spectrum Z80-based hardware clones (i.e.: non-emulated) such as the ZX Uno and ZX Evo. (Any information about emulators/configuration required to play would be appreciated.)

Crap Utilities, Emulators and Simulators welcome

It may say 'Crap Games' on the door, however, the CSSCGC doesn't discriminate against other forms of crap software.

Distribution permitted

By submitting games you agree to grant non-profit distribution permissions - this basically means that you agree to let me upload it to the World of Spectrum Archive for future generations to laugh at.

The (s)Hit Factory

Multiple submissions from the same author are welcome.

To become a winner you must create a crap game

It could be crap because it was a bad idea to begin with, or it could be a great idea ruined by poor execution. Get creative!

To become a loser you must create a crap game

Including such crimes as coming up with a good idea and/or inadvertently exceeding the quality of some 80s commercial releases. If you do accidentally create the next Tetris™, however, I reserve the right to 50% of the takings.

Submission details

When you submit a game, please let me know; what computer it's for (i.e.: Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 128K, ZX81 etc,) the language or tool it was written in (i.e.: BASIC, Z80 Machine Code, CGD, Quill etc) and what you'd like to be credited as (i.e.: CrazyDemon rather than Tim D. Peterson.)

The CSSCGC 2014 is not a democracy

I will add/remove/append/change these rules as I see fit.


There's no public voting system. It turns out the CSSCGC 2014 is a dictatorship.

CSSCGC 20th Anniversary Edition

Next year's the big one! The loser will be given the honour of hosting CSSCGC 2015, however, if they really don't want to or can't then I'll ask the winner if they're up for it. If you want to be exempt from hosting next year's competition then just let me know when you submit and I'll fix the results for you.

Closing Time

The competition closing date is Wednesday 31st December 2014 at 10:25 GMT. This will subsequently be extended to 23:59 GMT on the same day. Entries received after this time will not be counted but may still be charged. Results will be posted on this website, the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup and the WoS forum thread in the proceeding weeks.

Good luck,

* Unless you've not seen the ending, in which case you may only know three.


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