This page is designed to familiarise yourself with the CSSCGC 19 website. I'm Amy and, in case you haven't noticed, I'm as cute as a button. Xxx

Menu bar

First off, right at the top of the screen you've got your classic menu bar which has permanent links to the major sections of the site. You don't need a picture - just look up!

Clicking "Latest" gives you just that - it's the News Page where all the latest announcements are made.

"About" gives you a fun little intro to the competition and "Rules" lists all those tricky little rules that you'll just have to get used to. Tee Hee. I'm adorable!

"Submissions" is where things get interesting - it's where you'll find the reviews of all the [Lovely software - Ed] you send in to the competition. More on those later.

"Misc" is the place to go for Challenges and Features, if that's your thing.

Click "Links" if you want to get out of here. I finish at around 6pm, by the way.

Clicking "Text-Only version" will transport you to, amazingly, a version of the site with no pictures. Don't worry though - once you're there you can click "Graphical version" and I'll be right here waiting.

You already finding out what "Site Help" does. (blush)

If you don't know what 'RSS Feed' does then you don't need it.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen there's a link which will send you right back up to the top.

* * End of Competition Changes * *

Actually, since the competition closed, we changed a few things around at the top:

"The Results" takes you to those all-important winner and loser announcements.

"News Archive" is where you can access historic news items - although I've no idea why you'd want to?

"Features" and "Challenges" replaces the old "Misc" link. Cute, huh?

Finally "Download All" links to a .zip file containing all the submissions and a few little extras.


The review system this year is just super.

Review Info

On the top left we've got the name of our reviewer - you may recognise them from last year's losing game; Super UDG Fighterz Turbo II. Those guys are just awesome at their job.

Anyway, there's also some information about the competition entry; namely the Developer (who submitted it,) Genre, Platform (Spectrum, ZX81 etc) and Language (BASIC, Machine Code etc.) Notice that you can click some of the items to display a list of all submissions with the same details, i.e.: all entries by Myke-P or all entries written in BASIC. I'm not entirely sure what any of that means, I'm just reading from a script.

Review Scores

Over on the right it's the score panel where we've ratings from 0-9 for; "UDG-O-METER" and "BEEPER ABUSE" (graphics and sound,) "IMAGINATION" (idea, concept, outright design creativity) and "CRAP FACTOR" (how spectacularly bad it is.) An overall score is displayed on the far right.

Review Scores (Mini)

There's also a miniaturised/simplified version of this displayed on the Submissions summary screen.

Review Info

Finally, below the scores, you'll find the download icons. From left-to-right in our example we've got; Tape Image files (.tzx, .tap,) Snapshot files (.z80, .sna,) Text/Documents (instructions, release notes,) Pictures/Images (cassette inlays, maps,) and 'ZIP' (usually a .ZIP file containing all other download files.)


That's it and I hope this page has been super helpful. I've written my number down here, just in case.

Now, get back to your friends. Amy. Xxx

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