Restoration Challenge

Back in 1988 Sinclair User held their own Crap Games competion called; "The Worst Game in the World!" Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, all that remains of the games that were submitted are some grainy screenshots and a paragraph or two of text.

This challenge is simply to bring them back for one final hurrah!

You can recreate any game featured in the original printed competition pages whether by screenshot, by description or just mentioned by name.

I've kicked off proceedings with my interpretation of one the really simple entries...

The Moving Left and Right Game
Myke-P: The Moving Left and Right Game (48K/ZX81)
(original author: M Lorimer)

Dillon's Cap Caper
MatGubbins: Dillon's Cap Caper

(original author: stemsa?)

Jump Off a Cliff Simulator
Ed Raven: Jump Off a Cliff Simulator

(original author: Kieron Gillen of Stafford)

Harry the Baby...
Andrew Green: Harry the Baby Saves the World With His Amazing Water Pistol

(original author: James Price of Consett)

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