Manic Mineresque

Back in 1983 Matthew Smith used attribute flash alone to great effect in producing the bouncing Manic Miner logo that we all know and love.

Whether through use of the FLASH command itself, or similar effects created in machine code to more rapidly invert the pixel colours of a given area, the Spectrum's gaming history is rife with flashing attribute blocks!

This challenge, therefore, is simply to produce the most impressive or otherwise interesting visual effect using Flash, Inverse Video or other attribute-based pixel swapping techniques.

(It's probably a good idea to include a description of the effect and, if particularly technical, how it works in case Mr Thicko here misses the point entirely! - Ed)

Quest For Ye Flask
Yoshiatom: Quest For Ye Flask

Pixbit and the maze of deadly monsters
R Tape: Pixbit and the maze of deadly monsters

Gerbil Space Program
Dr.Sputnik: Gerbil Space Program

Yes Dear
Paul 'Eq.' Collins: Yes Dear

Shadow of the Beef
Paul 'Eq.' Collins: Shadow of the Beef

Ultimate Horse Racing Simulator
Andrew Green: Ultimate Horse Racing Simulator

Bob's New Kidney
Bellend Software: Bob's New Kidney

R Tape: Sokomath!

Dillon's Cap Caper
MatGubbins: Dillon's Cap Caper

Bump up the Numbers (and letters)
Ed Raven: Bump up the Numbers (and letters)

Horace Goes Peeing
Lee Tonks: Horace Goes Peeing

Anders Carlsson: Divide

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