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The Speccy had its fair share of brilliant originals but many of it's famous titles are based on games that started life in the Arcade, or on rival 8 and 16-bit systems.

Parasol Stars, James Pond II: Robocod and R-Type II are probably the last games I can think of that were due for a Speccy release, but for one reason or another, never made it. But what if they had been? What if Spectrum conversions had carried on? Would we have seen versions of Sensible Soccer, Syndicate, Grand Theft Auto, Half Life and beyond? How would they be adapted? What would be lost in translation?

This challenge is about letting your imagination run wild with 'modern' game conversions. You can pick anything you like from any system (i.e.: C64 and 16-bit through to today's PS4 or Mobile gaming world.) It doesn't have to have fully rendered photo-realistic graphics or even the same viewpoint as the original. It doesn't even have to be a game - maybe a faithful(ish) version of Excel or Ubuntu Linux?

Naturally it does have to be crap. Get creative!


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