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Cascade 50

Welcome to the CSSCGC 2014!

My name is Myke-P and I have been given the honour of hosting the 19th iteration of the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition.

Legend* tells us that, early in January 1996, Blood (aka Mr Tonks) uttered these words on css talking about the recently discovered "Cascade Cassette 50" compilation;

"... every single game on there is utter, utter crap! You really have to see it to believe it! You wouldn't think that people could use such awful concepts, terrible graphics and grating BEEP 10,10s so many times, and then inflict them upon others!"

"If you think you can do worse than these games (which make Advanced Lawn Mower Simulator look complex and enthralling), send them to me! I'll make a follow up 'comp-sys-sinclair cassette 50' and sell it for nothing! ;)"

But what started as a joke was met with enthusiasm and celebration and, shortly thereafter, the competition was announced and a small corner of the world changed... forever...

I first discovered the competition in 1997/98 and it's the summary of Ian Collier's Stuntman that made me want to get involved; "An UTTERLY ENGROSSING simulation, which cost over 80 MILLION POUNDS and the lives of SEVEN PEOPLE to develop!"

For me this is what a CSSCGC game is all about; the ambition is Hollywood Blockbuster but the reality - thanks to budget, talent, execution or otherwise - means it ends up Low Rent B-Movie.**

Head on over to the Links page to discover more about the competion and to the 'Crap Games Finder' and have a look at the full catalogue of crap we've endured over the last 18 years.

Think you can do better, or worse? I'm happy for you to give it a try.

Why don't you have a quick peak at the Rules, fire up your Speccy (whether physical, or emulated) or other sinclair system of choice and get your submissions in this year?

* Or 'Googling' within comp.sys.sinclair, specifically.
** I this respect; Movies 24 on Sky™ TV is a bit like a permanent CSSCGC for actual movies.


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